Enfants d'Espagne

Enfants d'Espagne



 Thonk thonk --- thonk thonk –  someone tuning a drum -  a figure hunched over a drumkit -  thonk thonk  -     'ahem  (English style) ' - - - -  Rayban Wayfarers look up -  -  'Jacques ?– bonjour, je m'appelle Tony' -  'ahh – bonjour ' (we shake hands) -   thonk thonk -   ok let's get tuned up then  (this bloke's intense) -    Studio Acousti 1992 -  a trio recording with JT and JF Jenny Clark -  Jacques' first recording for some time (I learn later) -   the resulting CD -  start of an occasional teaming up with JT over 20 + years -  spanning JT's own album Tenga Niña – an album with Sam Rivers -  and lots of Memorable Gigs -  memorable for the music -  and the incidents  -  but mostly the music -    last time was with Claude Tchamitchian and Nathan Hanson at Sunset/Sunside-   one rehearsal -  we needed more perhaps -  some confusion over a repeat in one of Jacques' compositions -   one realised how difficult for a drummer/composer to get everyone back in line (without SINGING the melody at least) – that same intensity still there -  trying to will us back to the right place -   mesmeric-  compulsive viewing.   I will miss his swing -  the zinnnggg of that cymbal  -   oh and the thonk too.

Tony Hymas, 6 octobre 2014

Photographie extraite d'un petit film de Trufo (Sunside 18 juin 2011)

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