Enfants d'Espagne

Enfants d'Espagne



Chaque soir de la tournée d'Ursus Minor, 
des spectateurs demandent le texte "Miss America" 
que Desdamona dit accompagné de Tony Hymas au piano. Le voici. 
Miss America 
By Desdamona 
A child was born to justice and liberty 
And they named her America because they wanted her to be free
But as she grew and flourished, her father decided she had too much
So he corrupted her with his incestuous touch
So she grew up unhappy and revolted against her parents
Telling them that they were hypocrites 
and that their intentions were transparent
She moved to the city and she sent her heart to sleep 
and she didn't wear any shoes because she wanted to feel free
Tired of being pushed and pulled by her parents gravity

America spent her days in her room
Occupying her time by making tourniquets for her chemically dependent limbs
And licking her lips after taking sips of her favorite intoxicant
Hell bent, incoherent at times
With puffy eyes and swollen thighs 
Always searching for the destination of her next high

This world was from from the deprivation of her mother liberty and her father
Corrupt justice, that stupid prick
He taught her everything she knew
And she wished she didn't know shit

Inside her little efficiency where nothing was effificient
Hope was nonexistent 

Sometimes her neighbors had to go inside her hell
Where her friending friends and dirty needles dwelled
To stop her from beating her head against the bloody finger printed walls

And most of the time America didn't know what day it was
The sun was a nuisance every time it rose up
her heart closed up
her veins froze up 
her throat choked up

Life didn't mean much when her lover hatred beat her til she couldn't speak
Blood and tears dripping to her feet 
Leaving nothing discreet

Black eyes and scars
Screams heard near and far
Broken ankles, bruised ribs
Burnt number finger tips
Clumps of her hair strung out on the floor
Chain around her neck from the lock on the door

He yelled, "You fucking whore, you're such a stupid bitch!"

Each word engraved with each doctors stitch
Each memory deprived by her devilish mans dick
Rough skinned, raw and wasted 
Stripped down to nothing, only bone was left
And she wept with regret for her sins of the flesh

One last time her incongruous mate, hatred
Made her the main course upon his plate
Not leaving once ounce of love behind for her disheveled mind
And she lay there as he laid, her eyes glazed, over and over
He entered and disappeared whispering sadistic thoughts into her ears

But she didn't hear anything
And in the morning she woke up, just to throw up
And shoot up and up and up
Away from the cataclysms and evil rhythms in her mind

For days she roamed the streets
Giving up her sweets, indiscreet fucks on the hoods of cars
And trains on top of pool tables inside sleazy bars
Arbitrary decisions caused a collision of the soul against the flesh
Sound against the mesh
Bullets against the chest
A spiritual death

Her womb began to fill with fluid
A lucid being floating inside her irrational egg
Sprouting  legs, fingers and a brain
Uterally * maimed
A fetus named by cocaine and heroine syringes 
Infringement on humanity before it even had the chance to be 
9 months of incubation
Only to witness this deformed manifestation
A man made creation of drug addicting masterbation
And an influx of unrecognizable dicks that rip
And prick and strip all the nourishment that exists

A babe shoved into the abyss
Left with his junkie mother, Amercia's crusty lipped kiss

Mama inhales a breath of fresh hospital air
In a building full of drugs 
But she can't get no high there
Body battered, lungs impaired 

Now baby stares at the ceiling, already numb to feeling
Crying and dying to be held and fed
But nobody's there because America's dead

No more injections for your sweet innocent face
No more of mama's narcotic concoctions to taste
A nameless little junkie left in swaddling clothes 
with a pale transparent face and deformed hands and toes

They say god bless America , have mercy on her soul
She didn't know what she was doing
She was out of control
Someone should have saved her
So who is to blame for this atrocity 
The dreadful day America's child became America's prophecy
The written scripture of what will be
The tainted reflection of you and me
   *(uterally is a word I created, meaning "within the uterus") 
Photo : François Corneloup et son instamatic 

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Angela a dit…

triste et réel (très beau texte)